Kabbara Engineering has an outstanding reputation and extensive background and expertise in the preparation of hydrologic analysis, hydraulic analysis, and design of storm drain and flood control facilities throughout Southern California.A^ Kabbara Engineering also specializes in developing innovative solutions for achieving compliance with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) requirements for Municipal, Industrial, and Construction projects, and the design and incorporation of sustainable and cost effective structural and non-structural Best Management Practices (BMPs).A^ Our highly qualified team of drainage specialists use the latest in hydrology software and computational methods in watershed modeling to ensure that your drainage projects benefit from the latest advanced technology available. Kabbara Engineering’s project experience includes the design of local and regional flood control and storm drain facilities, drainage master planning, watershed modeling, flood plain mapping, sediment transport studies, open channel routing studies, and hydraulic analysis of existing and proposed facilities as required to achieve required flood protection goals, and ensure public health and safety.