Bond Avenue from Prospect Street to 400′ East of Little Lane is a 4-lane local arterial street that serves a combination of residential and industrial uses in the City of Orange. This project included professional land surveying and civil engineering design services for the preparation of plans and profiles, specifications and estimates for the rehabilitation of Bond Avenue within the project limits. This project utilized federal AHRP funding and also included preparation of a geotechnical and deflection testing report with pavement recommendations and traffic striping and loop replacement plans. Kabbara Engineering also provided design for a new Class II, bike lane that was constructed under separate funding. The existing pavement was experiencing significant failure including major lateral and longitudinal cracks, potholes, spalling, block type cracking and large areas of severe alligatoring, with the most severe distress occurs in the #1 lane eastbound and the #2 lane westbound, and longitudinal cracks have formed along the lane lines for most of the entire reach. There are also visible signs of utility trenching and patching, recent pothole patching, and areas where vegetation is growing through the cracks. Our analysis of various rehabilitation strategies for the project found that a full depth asphalt section consisting of DGAC with a ARHM surface course, was the most cost effective solution for this project. This project also included the repair of damaged sections of miscellaneous curb and gutter, cross gutters, sidewalks and other improvements within the project limits.