Glassell Street, from Mayfair Avenue to Collin Avenue is a primary arterial highway and bus route in the City Of Orange’s circulation pattern. Kabbara Engineering performed the field survey and prepared construction plans, profile, specifications and estimates for this CDBG funded project. The proposed improvements for Glassell Street within the project limits total pavement, curb reconstruction and repair of damaged cross gutters, driveways, bus pads, sidewalks, and curb ramps, including the installation of detectable warning device per ADA requirements. Total curb and gutter replacement was required by the City because existing curbs were vertical with excessive heights, and gutters were substandard widths and flat. Pavement alternatives were analyzed based on the City’s geotechnical findings, and reflected the anticipated over excavation required for removal of the existing underlying P.C.C. and trolley tracks, and a new proposed vertical alignment was required to mitigate steep cross slopes on the east side of Glassell Street. Project also included coordination with City Water Development for the replacement of all the water meters and services within the project limits. Project was completed on-schedule and within budget.