Kabbara Engineering prepared plans, specifications and estimates for the rehabilitation and repair of 4,000 lineal feet of Rosemead Boulevard (SR 19) after Caltrans relinquishment of the R/W to the City of Pico Rivera. The project also included design of new P.C.C. pavement for the truck impacted intersections of Rosemead and Washington Boulevard, and Rosemead and Slauson Boulevard. Kabbara Engineering utilized existing deflection testing report and pavement recommendations provided by the City. Project included new curb and gutter, median curb modifications, cross gutter, concrete bus pads, local depression, driveways, curb ramps per ADA requirements, enhanced crosswalk paving at intersections, new traffic signal installation and new raised left-turn pocket design for a new development at the intersection of Washington Boulevard. Kabbara Engineering assisted the City staff and other consultants with the Caltrans finance letter and E76 processing, as required for the STPL federal funding of the project. Kabbara also provided construction management and inspection for the project, and provided coordination of the funding provided by Council of Governments, including preparation of invoices for City reimbursement of construction costs. The project also included traffic signing and striping, review of contractor’s traffic control plans, and coordination with the Pico Water District for upgrade and construction of their new 14″ DIP water distribution main within the project limits.