Kabbara Engineering was the lead design consultant for approximately 2.2 miles (11,700 l.f.) of streetscape improvements for this commercial core area of the City. Project included pedestrian sidewalk enhancement and ADA ramp upgrades, new street trees, landscape planting and irrigation, new pedestrian lighting, new landscaped medians, street resurfacing with cold plane and overlay of existing pavements, selective localized concrete and pavement reconstruction, bus pads, and six (6) new raised landscape medians for Burbank Boulevard from 350′ West of Clybourn Avenue to 350’East of North Victory Boulevard. This project also included a geotechnical investigation and pavement recommendations, traffic signing and striping, and coordination with other consultants to the City, including landscape and irrigation consultant, traffic signal interconnect consultant and Burbank Water & Power, for new reclaimed water and street lighting design and construction. Kabbara Engineering also provided construction engineering support to the City’s inspector throughout the duration of the project construction. Project was completed within budget and on-schedule, with no design or construction change orders.