Park Avenue Storm Drain Improvements, Laguna Beach, California

This project consisted of preliminary analysis and final design of Phase 1 and Phase 2 master plan storm drain improvements on Park Avenue, in the City of Laguna Beach. These master plan improvements were required to alleviate flooding and debris flows from tributary canyon areas adjacent to this steep roadway, and to protect downstream properties. The project also included new sidewalk and pedestrian improvements on the north side of the street per Safe Routes to School funding purposes. The project limits were Park Avenue from Wendt Terrace to Hidden Valley Canyon Road. Phase 1 construction was completed and included the installation of approximately 1,000 lineal feet of new 48″ storm drain pipe, catch basins, and appurtenances. Pedestrian improvements included approximately 3,000 lineal feet of new sidewalk, curb and gutter, retaining walls/curbs, utility adjustments and relocations, landscape and irrigation improvements, installation of street furniture (bench), roadway narrowing, traffic signing, and traffic striping for a new Class I bike lane. The new sidewalk improvements on the north side of the street were proposed to enhance pedestrian safety for school children from Thurston Middle School and Laguna Beach High School, in the project vicinity. This project also included a traffic count and speed study as required to support the proposed improvements.