Orange County Public Works retained Kabbara Engineering to prepare construction plans, specifications and estimates for this Prop 42 funded master planned storm drain improvement project in the unincorporated Orange Park Acres area of the County of Orange. This project extended the existing 72″ storm drain in Orange Park Boulevard from the intersection of Amapola Avenue, southerly to westerly in Meads Avenue to 300 feet west of Shetland Lane (approximately 2,525 l.f.). The project included construction of new Type V Inlets on Meads Avenue to pick up runoff from the tributary areas south of Meads Avenue and at the existing sump area at the intersection of Amapola Avenue and new decomposed granite horse trails on top of the new pipe to replace the existing ditch. The project also included hydrology and hydraulic studies, field survey, preliminary storm drain alignment analysis, CEQA environmental documentation, public outreach, water quality control plan preparation, and street improvements along Orange Park Boulevard consisting of pavement replacement and Asphalt Rubber Hot Mix resurfacing, and new traffic striping. The purpose of the project is to eliminate flooding along the street and the adjacent private properties. The project also provided traffic control and detour plans during construction to mitigate any adverse impacts caused by the project construction. In order to complete the project during the calendar year 2007, environmental determination must be completed no later than January 30, 2007.